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Exciting things happening with our charity side Dynamic Woods

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our charity side Dynamic Woods, brand new website.

Head over to to learn more about the exciting plans for woodland management and rewilding in Inzievar Woods - the woodland surrounding our Sawmill. As well as the increasing work with the education sector, helping provide training for forestry and timber skills and work with the local primary schools and youth groups to provide a base for research for higher education institutions for forestry and ecology research.

"Dynamic Woods adopts a holistic approach to our local woodlands encompassing community, economic and environmental issues. We draw on the expertise of, and build partnerships between all interested parties to develop sustainable ways forward for our local woodlands: breathing life into our woodland heritage and ensuring the future of this beautiful resource for many more generations".

Dynamic Woods Inzievar Woods
Inzievar Woods

Dynamic Woods was originally created around the idea of supporting the community. One of the aims is to use funds from Dynamic Woods to support people and organizations that are making a positive change, both locally and across Scotland. This is done by providing funding, sharing our expertise, and providing timber for a range of uses. Dynamic Woods have worked with and supported a number of local primary and secondary schools; several Scottish Colleges; and a whole range of Scottish charities, community groups and government organisations. In the future the focus is to create a funding scheme for third sector organizations to apply to for support for social projects, community projects, and environmental projects across Scotland.

Conservation and Rewilding

Inzievar Woods, the woodland surrounding our Sawmill, holds immense importance for us. With the relaunch of Dynamic Woods team and intent to play a significant role in woodland management and rewilding, focusing on restoring and enhancing the natural habitat through various initiatives like tree planting, invasive species management, and biodiversity preservation. Dynamic Woods strive to create a thriving ecosystem for present and future generations to enjoy. With the contribution of volunteers at Inzievar, paths have been cleared and maintained, fruit tree orchard planted, a “leaky dam” built, and ongoing removal of invasive rhododendron.

Education Training and Development,

Dynamic Woods aims to work closely with the education sector. With a belief in nurturing the next generation's interest in forestry and timber skills. By collaborating with local primary schools and youth groups, providing a base for research for higher education institutions for forestry programs, and ecology research. This partnership will enable students to gain invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in the sustainable management of woodlands.

With a classroom facility now onsite courses such as Working Woods Scotland course, run by ASHS and Forestry Scotland have been and can continue to be held, plus work has begun on hosting Lantra accredited courses on a range of job skills including chainsaw and felling certifications. In addition, forestry based courses are possible in the surrounding woodland. Dynamic Woods plan to educate people about climate change, forestry, sawmilling, and ecology and maintain a partnership with organizations such as ASHS, Venture Scotland, and local schools for people to come and use the woodland and this onsite classroom or to support them with initiatives elsewhere. Work includes classroom based learning as well as practical opportunities in the woodland.

If you are interested in running any courses, partnering with Dynamic Woods, or volunteering don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Scottish Wood was founded by Jim Birley with his late wife Maggie, more than 20 years ago now - an accidental Sawmill without a Saw. After buying land surrounded by 55 acres of Woodlands and felling an area of dying Oaks to build their home on, they soon discovered there was no local demand for a small amount of logs.... Read More Here.

Discover the sustainable forestry practices adopted by Scottish Wood and Dynamic Woods. Our combined efforts ensure responsible timber sourcing, reducing waste, and promoting the use of renewable materials. By choosing Scottish Wood, you contribute to the preservation of our woodlands and the promotion of a sustainable future

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