The story of Scottish Wood

Scottish Wood was established by Jim Birley with his late wife Maggie, 20 years ago now - an accidental Sawmill without a Saw. After buying land surrounded by 55 acres of  Woodlands and felling an area of dying Oaks to build their home on, they soon discovered there was no local demand for a small amount of logs, so they put this timber to use for their own home build, mainly for their flooring. During this developed a hobby for converting the felled trees from their own woodlands and kiln drying it for a variety of uses, this and their passion and hope to revitalise the local woodland culture lead to the creation of a social enterprise, to provide employment and ensure funds raised were reinvested back into local community projects. For this they recruited like minded individuals from the local community, neighbours, forest consultants, woodworkers and community activists and set up a local charity, Dynamic Woods and from this the trading arm Scottish wood was born. Small at first cutting and processing local timber to sell, hiring a mobile saw when needed. As this progressed and stock levels increased, Scottish Wood grew bigger than ever imagined. Profits grew and were given back as grants to local community groups, Active schools was set up to develop a Forest school programme in West Fife.  New employees were taken on through new deal trainee programmes, saws were bought to keep up with demand and a showroom was open so that everyone had access to the beautiful Scottish hardwoods, even if you only had a couple of pounds to spend. Over the years since starting with just a kiln and a chainsaw, with a lot of hard work and determination the business has grown and expanded, supplying timber from environmentally sustainable sources in Scotland, usually within a 50 mile radius of where the Sawmill is based in Fife, open to trade and public 4 days a week, with 7 full time staff, woodmizer saws with production line set up, planers and thicknesser, firewood splitter, kindler, onsite biomass boiler and 2 kilns, 23 timber stores and a new and improved Timber shop, all to deliver you the finest quality Scottish hardwoods while demonstrating the viability of using locally grown to benefit local woodlands and communities.


Scottish wood was awarded Dunfermline and West Fife Responsible Business Champion in 2017.