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Naturally durable
Scottish Larch Cladding

Scottish Larch is a naturally tough and durable timber, making it ideal for cladding buildings due to its resistance to decay and its ability to withstand knocks and scrapes.

Scottish Larch Cladding not only provides a rain screen but gives any building an aesthetically pleasing, natural look. Scottish Larch will produce a lovely silver grey colour over time.

Vertical Cladding

A traditional Scottish Cladding. A single layer of boards is nailed vertically with gaps in between each board. a second layer of either boards or narrower battens is then applied over these gaps (this enables the boards to expand and contract. The essential air gap for ventilation is maintained behind the cladding with a vertical spacer and with the support battens.

The timber used is air dried or fresh sawn with sap wood removed. Costs are kept low because timber is "off saw" with no planing or drying required. A planed finish can be produced if requested, prices will vary.

Horizontal "shaped" cladding

Supplied in Naturally durable Scottish heartwood Larch, these boards have been shaped, or profiled, so they can overlap and have a flatter profile. Please note this profile can only supplied depending on stock availability as it is cut from Air-dried stock. 

NEW Profiles available -

• Rounded Panel • Shiplap • V-Groove • Shadow Gap

Natural Edge

This style goes on the wall horizontally, and consists of wider boards with one natural (waney) edge and one sawn edge. The upper board overlaps the board below leaving the natural edge visible giving a rustic appearance. an overlap of 38mm (1.5 inches) is a standard overlap for this profile.

Boards are attached to vertical battens to ensure there is adequate ventilation between the wall and the cladding. Simple to install, the cost can be kept low because "off saw" unseasoned boards can be used.

Important points to note


Timber expands and contracts depending on the moisture content in the air. Timber cladding is designed as a "rain screen". This means that some moisture is likely to penetrate on occasion and this is where the air gap for ventilation is essential to allow good air flow and evaporation of moisture.

Larch will colour to a silver grey over time, however if preferred you can paint or treat your timber to preserve the golden colour.

Only heartwood of Larch is naturally durable without treatment. Designs which incorporate waney edge will have some sap which will deteriorate more quickly over time.

Cladding pricing 2024

At Scottish Wood we cut and stock a variety of Cladding profiles, shown are the most commonly used, please contact us if you would like more information or to place an order. Limited stock available onsite from our Larch sheds.

Board on Board cladding option
Batten on Board cladding option
Profiled Cladding
Natural/waney edge Cladding option

Scottish Larch Cladding Information and Instructional video for ASHS (Association of Scottish hardwood Sawmillers) from Scottish Wood yard.


A guide on what to expect from Scottish timber cladding and an overview of recommended wood types, installation practices, and techniques to ensure the best results in protective timber cladding.


More info -

For a full list of what we supply have a look at our What's in stock page.

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