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Working Woods Scotland course 2023

Scottish Wood are hosting the third Working Woods Scotland course this September! (27-29th).

Working Woods Scotland is a 3-day practical training course in homegrown hardwood (and premium softwoods), run by the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers.

Course teachings cover many aspects of the hardwood industry, including; silvicultural practices for timber production; grading and valuing standing timber and round logs; hardwood processing such as milling and kilning practises; and finding a market for your timber products.

Through Working Woods Scotland, ASHS bring together professionals from across the industry - from foresters and woodland managers, to Sawmillers and woodworkers. Course participants will be selected from a range of applicants to create a group that is diverse in background, experience, age and gender in order to generate a broad mix of skills and ensure exchange of knowledge amongst participants (as well as from the highly experienced trainers!).

For more information on the course, or to submit an application, email

Closing date for applications - 21st July 2023.

Applicants for Working woods Scotland course grading timber
Working Woods Scotland Course

Feedback from previous Working Woods Scotland courses;

“The course was fascinating, and I met so many like minded people who I hope to keep in touch with. Taking part has given me so much more confidence with setting up my own Sawmilling business.”

(Beren Yeshua, Tiny Temple - Cabin builder and Sawmiller)

“It’s been a tremendous experience, providing to be very educational and informative. Enjoying the company of a diverse, although kindred-spirited, group of participants who became like family whilst being taught by passionate and inspiring speakers.”

(Gwen Raes, Woodland Trust - Estate ranger at Glen Finglas) or for more information.

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