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Scottish Wood are members of ASHS, an independent cooperative of small companies, supplying Scottish grown hardwood timber, premium softwoods and timber products to the U.K marketplace. More info on ASHS can be found at

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Storm Arwen Steering group


While we're sure everyone remembers the destruction caused by the swathe of storms over the last few months, ASHS (Association of Scottish hardwood Sawmillers) took an active role in the Storm Arwen steering group, at the behest of Prince Charles - the steering group has brought together members from across the UK and Forestry/hardwood sector to help come up with a solution to increase the market and utilisation of the large number of hardwoods - in particular Beech, which have come down in the storms.


Many of these trees will be left where they fell to rot or removed for Firewood - though many of these trees will yield beautiful, useable timber that has been growing for hundreds of years!


Current actions of the group includes guidance for land owners on how to make the most of their wind blown hardwoods as well as increase the links and awareness between timber suppliers and ASHS members, this includes the development of an ASHS 'Buy and Sell group' to help increase timber buying opportunities.


More info on dealing with storm blown hardwoods can be found at

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Working Woods Scotland Course
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Applications now open for 2022

After a successful launch of the Working Woods Scotland Course in October 2021, the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers (ASHS) are hosting the 2nd ever course of it’s kind in September 2022.


The course is set to run from Tuesday the 27th of September – Thursday the 29th of September this year. Of course, nothing can be certain but we will post information as we get it and keep applicants updated.

The course is run by the Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers (ASHS) with support from Scottish Forestry and Scottish Forestry Trust.

To apply for this year's course please see:
Or email:

Working Woods Scotland is a 3-day practical training course in homegrown hardwoods. It is based at the Scottish Wood sawmill in Fife and will cover:

Day 1 – Background to forestry in Scotland; sawn timber and its uses, grading and valuing trees and logs (taught by Gavin Munro, Jim Birley and Kate Tuer)

Day 2 – In the forest; forest management, silviculture, species selections for different sites, harvesting (taught by Rick Worrell, Kate Tuer and Andrew MacQueen)

Day 3 – Sawmilling, seasoning, secondary processing, measuring, grading and valuing sawn timber. (Taught by Jim Birley and Kate Tuer).

Course participants are selected from a range of applicants who are early in their careers, including foresters, sawmillers, furniture makers, civil servants and others involved in forestry and timber. The WWS course is designed to encourage networking between industry members, promoting the exchange of knowledge and building relationships across the hardwood industry:


Beren Yeshua, Tiny Temple - Cabin builder and sawmiller

“The course was fascinating, and I met so many likeminded people who I hope to keep in touch with. Taking part has given me so much more confidence with setting up my own Sawmilling business.”

Gwen Raes, Woodland Trust - Estate ranger at Glen Finglas

“It’s been a tremendous experience, providing to be very educational and informative. Enjoying the company of a diverse, although kindred-spirited, group of participants who became like family whilst being taught by passionate and inspiring speakers.”

The first ever Working Woods Scotland course was run by the ‘Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers’ in 2021 at Scottish wood yard and was designed to bring together workers from across the Scottish hardwood industry (from woodland managers and foresters to sawmillers and furniture makers – with many variations in between!). Over the course of  3 days the trainees were put through their paces as they were taught about good silvicultural practices, how to grade logs and standing timber, how to process and dry hardwood timber, timber pricing and end use markets of processed hardwood. The course was a great success, thanks to amazing organisation by Nick Marshal, and the help of Kelly Morss who offered her years of experience running Woodland Heritages ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ course to help fine tune our delivery of WWS, and of course not to mention the amazing trainers: Gavin Munro, Rick Warrell and Jim Birley, plus guest presenters Neil Aitchison and Paul Hodgkiss.