Scottish Wood Firewood

Unfortunately due to unprecedented demand over the last year and a half, coupled with staff furlough and covid19 impacting on our ability to cut/stock and season Firewood as well as maintain our Timber stock levels for our Sawmill and Timber-shop we have taken the difficult decision to take a year out from supplying/delivering Firewood due to exhausted stock levels.


We will be concentrating on our Timber stocks and kiln drying of boards at present. While working on building stocks back up, we are looking into new kilning/machining and more efficient splitting services to keep up with demand and are hopeful to be able to supply again next year (2022).

 For more info please contact us through enquiries.

At Scottish Wood we offer a mix of Hardwoods and some high calorific Larch Firewood, split and dried onsite. Our Firewood logs are kiln died to below 18% moisture content, ensuring you the best burn while producing lower smoke emissions.

What's available: *Not available until 2022 Firewood season

'Crate'*; 1.5m³ (equivalent to 2.5 builders bags, approx 250kg) £105.00 (works out @£70 per m3). Collection from onsite, delivery available locally - for more information please contact us.*Crate equivalent actual crate not included.

**Special Offer**

Fresh sawn Slab Wood - 1.5m³ for reduced price of £25.00 - stock up now and season for next year! Please note various lengths supplied up to 3ft.

Firewood produces no more CO2 into the atmosphere than what would occur during the logs natural rotting process - as trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere while they grow and then this is later released back into the atmosphere when burned in the same amounts as if was left to rot in woodlands, making it the better choice over other fuels such as coal.

For more information please contact us.