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Moisture & Movement in Timber

Timber is hydroscopic and will lose or absorb moisture causing it to shrink or swell until it reaches an equilibrium with its natural surroundings. It is very important when specifying timber that its moisture content should match the proposed environment (i.e. indoor, heated/unheated or outdoors). Using timber that has been inappropriately seasoned may cause splitting, warping and movement in the finished product. Even with kiln dried timber some movement may occur and care should be taken in construction to allow for this.

Timber from Scottish Wood is available in a variety of different forms to take account of its end purpose.

Kiln dried timber

We dry our timber evenly to between 8 - 11% moisture, complying with BS for moisture content. Our kiln is onsite and is heated through a Biomass boiler, burning all our waste timber and sawdust collected through milling. We stock kiln dried planed boards, offcuts, burrs and blanks in our timber shop and stock kiln dried rough sawn boards in our 23 timber stores.

Air dried timber

After milling logs into boards we stack with stickers to allow air flow between boards, which will hold securely in place and prevent sagging or warping as they dry. Boards are left to air dry for one year of drying time per inch of board thickness. This produces a stable timber that is very well suited to external applications such as gates, exposed external doors, cladding and decking etc 

Green Timber

Green timber is relatively freshly cut, from timber in the round, and has a much higher moisture content by percentage than seasoned timber, we usually supply Green timber for outdoor purposes (as air dried) but we can also cut to order out-with stock sizes.

If you would like to discuss your timber form please Contact us and we will be happy to help.

moisture content in wood
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