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Sustainable Scottish Wood

So... who are we and what makes our Timber just that little bit more special?

Scottish Wood is hardwood Sawmill based in Inzievar woods, Fife Scotland. Established in 2000 it was an innovative project born from extensive and ongoing research into the woodland culture in Scotland.

We are a not for profit organisation and the trading arm of Dynamic Woods, a Scottish Charity that brings together local communities, environmentalists, land owners and local businesses to promote the sustainable development of our woodland resources. Funds raised through the sale of our timber goes directly to supporting these projects. It's aim is to regenerate a thriving woodland culture, maximising the potential from our existing broadleaf woodlands. This in turn will secure the future of our woodlands; it will help to improve our local environment, boost our local economy and create genuine local employment and training opportunities.

Timber is a renewable and recyclable resource which unfortunately had been greatly underused and wasted much due to imported timber. The hardwood industry is left mainly to a few large continental or English firms who send their salesmen to scour the land searching for the very best trees to export and process outside Scotland. Some of these products are then re-imported as prime grade timber or veneers. The rest of our timber is deemed "waste" or valueless, trees that have graced our land for hundreds of years are even dumped in landfill sites. At Scottish Wood we only supply quality locally sourced sustainable Scottish hardwoods grown in Scotland, beautiful and full of rich colour and character. Our timber displays the natural characteristics of the trees in Scotland - you can get anything from straight, simple grained timber to cats paw markings, spalting, flamed and burrs. All Scottish timber is wonderfully unique and is available to you right here from Scottish Wood.

Scottish Wood are members of ASHS an independent cooperative of small companies, supplying Scottish grown hardwood timber, premium softwoods and timber products to the U.K marketplace. ASHS was formed to facilitate the promotion of Scottish hardwood to the Scottish market.

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