Stunning planed timber

Once our timber has been milled and air dried (1 year per inch of thickness) it is added to our kiln to dry to an even 8-10% moisture content, then placed in our rough sawn stores, separated by species and thickness. Timber is selected from here to be added to our Timber-shop but first it is planed to thickness - this not only smooths out rough stock giving it an even thickness with both faces parallel but also reveals the beautiful timber grains and patterns!

Come view the wonderfully unique timbers we have onsite - plus you've also got an extra chance this week, we're open 9am to 2pm for our only Saturday opening of the month.

• Scottish Oak • Elm • Beech • Ash • Sycamore • Maple • Lime • Horse Chestnut • Sweet Chestnut

• Yew • Larch • Douglas-Fir

Fantastic selection of Timber species available in a variety of thicknesses and dimensions - don't miss out on stunning timber for your next project, visit Scottish Wood at Inzievar Woods near Dunfermline. Regular opening hours Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm. Open to all.

Select stock available to buy online, delivered direct to you - visit www.scottishwood/shop for more info.

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