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Breadboards and Sunflowers

Amazing effort this week over at Paul Hodgkiss Designs, who at the weekend set up a fundraising campaign - Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (full details can be found on Paul Hodgkiss Designs Facebook page and the Just Giving page). He with the aid of his wonderful helpers have been making Stunning Sunflower etched Bread boards with all donations supporting those in Ukraine.

Initially hoping to be able to achieve at least 50 orders to be able to help in any small way possible, Paul and all the amazing people who rallied together to help make it possible, have been blown away by the generosity, kindness and support shown and have now undertaken the immense task of making approx 400+ so far boards - outstanding!

At Scottish Wood we were only more than happy to be able to donate £1,500 worth of hardwoods through our charity Dynamic Woods when Paul popped in on Monday to build up his wood supply to be able to continue with the overwhelming interest shown.

It’s wonderful to see just how many people have come together to support this.

Why Bread boards and Sunflowers?

Ukraine is known as the “Breadbasket of Europe”, one of the largest grain exporters. It boasts some of the most fertile land on earth and has the ability to provide enough food for half a billion people.

The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine - it is also become a symbol for peace and solidarity.


Pop over to Paul’s page to see the wonderful work happening;

To donate head over to;

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