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Urban Wood

We recently received a load of Urban wood logs from Edinburgh - a wonderful mix of Yew, Lime, Beech and Ash, such stunning results were seen straight off the mill!

This stock will be stacked with stickers and left to air dry for 1 year per inch of board thickness before being added to our kiln where it will be dried slowly and evenly to approx 8-10% moisture content. The boards will then be added to our rough sawn stores where select stock will be chosen to be planed to thickness and finally added to our Timber-shop.. It's a long process but well worth the wait!

Tens of thousands of trees are removed from urban areas each year due to construction, weather damage, insects, or disease. In the past, the wood from these trees was typically seen as an expensive waste problem. Today there’s movement to make use of the whole tree as part of a commitment to sustainable urban forestry. Some trees or portions of trees are best converted to wood chips or firewood while others that have trunks that can be rescued and processed.

Although similar to, and fulfils the same needs as traditional timber the height and width of urban trees vary greatly because they grow in more unpredictable environments resulting in a beautifully unique appearance which is extended to the timber reaped, making urban wood highly desirable not only for premium wood products but because each piece of urban wood is connected to local history!

Urban wood is a renewable resource - urban wood annual tree plantings are much higher than the number of trees removed. By choosing urban wood you are also providing local support financially and environmentally.

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