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Storm Arwen steering group

A stunning Yew Box with a wonderful selection of Scottish Wood samples, not only showing the uniqueness of the grains grown in Scotland but the quality and ranges of our native timber available for practical uses.

This was given to Prince Charles by Scottish Wood owner and ASHS member Jim Birley on Sunday when attending a meeting at Dumfries House, on behalf of the storm Arwen steering group.

Following the destruction to millions of our broadleaf trees, caused by the worst storms to hit our country in decades, ASHS (Association of Scottish hardwood Sawmillers) took an active role in the Storm Arwen steering group, at the behest of Prince Charles - the steering group have brought together members from across the UK and Forestry/hardwood sector to help come up with a solution to increase the market and usage of the large number of hardwoods.

Many of these trees will be left where they fell to rot or removed for Firewood - though many of these trees will yield beautiful, useable timber that has been growing for hundreds of years.

While the storms were devastating, the utilisation of timber to be given a new lease of life as perhaps a wonderful piece of furniture, rooted in the history of the ancient trees that graced our country is a somewhat silver lining to these storms.

Current actions of the group includes guidance for land owners on how to make the most of their wind blown hardwoods as well as increase the links and awareness between timber suppliers and ASHS members, this includes the development of an ASHS 'Buy and Sell group' to help increase timber buying opportunities.

More info on dealing with storm blown hardwoods can be found at

Scottish Wood are members of ASHS, an independent cooperative of small companies, supplying Scottish grown hardwood timber, premium softwoods and timber products to the U.K marketplace.

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