Scottish wood for quality Scottish hardwoods from local sustainable sources

We are a hardwood Sawmill specialising in the sustainable production of Scottish hardwood timber, timber products and premium softwoods you can buy here online or pay us a visit onsite at our new Timber shop for kiln dried planed boards, offcuts, burrs, mantels and more.
We can also supply air dried or green timber cut to order through our mill so why not enquire, we have stunning Scottish timber for everyone from craft making to building.
We cut and stock Scottish Oak, Elm, Beech, Ash, Sycamore, Yew and more. 

  • Green timber cut to order including but not limited to ;

  • Scottish Oak, Larch and Elm beams

  •  Scottish Oak and Larch posts for exterior landscaping 

  • Scottish Beech and Larch flooring - stock dependant, please enquire

  • Scottish Oak and Larch cladding

  • Naturally durable Larch decking

  • Scottish Oak and Scottish Larch for exterior landscaping including fencing and retaining walls

  •  Larch and Oak timber for sheds, huts, pergola etc builds

  • Kiln dried timber in stock available from our Timber-shop, rough sawn stores and online shop including;

  • Kiln dried planed to thickness boards 1" to 4" plus chunkier stock available

  •  Scottish hardwood planed offcuts - starting from as low as £1 onsite

  • Turning blanks - square and round bowl blanks (stock dependant)

  • Burrs, burr boards and burr slices

  • Hollows and organic wild rustic pieces

  • Mantels, lintels and uprights

  • Clearance - reduced prices on kiln dried planed boards, burrs and offcuts in Timber shop

  • Wide boards available up to 24" (stock dependant, species and thickness varies) 

  • Squared or natural edges

  • Larch available from our fresh sawn Larch sheds onsite including limited amounts of our decking and cladding boards. Plus a selection of Larch boards, battens, posts and more including 2x4 4x4 6x6 Larch.

  • Firewood - crates, bags and offcuts available.

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All of our Timber comes straight from the log that we have sustainably sourced locally from well managed woodlands and mill ourselves onsite at our hardwood Sawmill here in West Fife.


 We tray carefully to allow for adequate and even air flow, then leave to slowly air dry (for one year per per inch of wood thickness) before being added to our kiln and dried until between 8 - 11% moisture content, ensuring you the best quality timber when added to our Timber shop as a planed board or to our Timber stores as rough sawn stock.

Kiln dried, planed boards and offcuts and more perfect for furniture making, hardwood worktops, arts & crafts and d.i.y -  so versatile and suitable for a variety of purpose - limited only by your imagination - available from our Timber-shop. Select stock available through our online store delivered direct to you at home.

For fresh sawn/green timber cut to order - please contact our Sawmill directly here.

Browse through our website for information on our Cladding and Decking, our guide to pricing, or learn more about timber properties.