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Creative customers!

Impressive and inspiring work - we've got such talented customers!! Thanks so much as always for sending us in your pictures - always great to see the wonderful work you do with our timer once it's left the yard!


Oh the places you'll go! Absolutely fantastic Camper-van conversion by our regular customers and camper-van converters Anita and James. Stunning use of timber and space, simplicity rustic, who wouldn't want to travel in this!


Amazing detail in this wonderful wood burning project by Ali Hughson @The Wood art workshop, using a Chestnut off-cut from our Timber-shop.


1 of 20 simply stunning shaker style (frame and panel) cabinets door made by Martin Campbell of @partywitmarty, from Ash supplied through our Sawmill. Great work - and the grain looks amazing!


Fantastic Copper fox Clock by our online customer Paul Fowler - lovely piece made from London Plane and epoxy for this wild and rustic result.


Stunning designs and craftsmanship by Calvin d'inverno @Sadboyguitars using Beech for his latest finished custom guitar plus a preview of Ash for the next project!


Lovely work shared by a new customer to our Timber-shop, Iain Maclellan, fantastic 1st carving piece from Lime and Scottish Oak, made for his daughter - wonderful!


"The Three grain bed" by Nikita Wolfe using our Spalted Beech and Sycamore (Walnut not supplied by us) for this amazing result! Plus stunning burr Elm and blue epoxy doors - great results!


Beautiful side table made from our Ash by Robert @Furnituredesignxyz - lovely work and attention to detail for this fab finished result.


Always such fantastic work! Please keep sending in your work to or tag us in your social media - it's always great to see what you've been doing!

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