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Crafty Customers

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Thanks for sharing your hard work with us and as usual you did not disappoint - what a fantastic collection of inspiring customer work!


Stunning Scottish Oak and Elm bespoke resin river tables - by our Timber-shop customer Chris Sawyer for feature counters in a local coffee shop.


Fantastic work by Duncan who brought a little bit of the shire to his back garden with this absolutely wonderful "Hobbit hut" from Larch cut to order through our Sawmill.

Hobbit hut" from Larch cut to order through our Sawmill
Hobbit hut" from Larch cut to order through our Sawmill


Beautiful Ash bar top and coffee table highlighting the natural grain and edge of the wood, made from an Ash slab in our mixed stock shed - great work by our onsite customer Dougie.


Wonderful wood and resin clocks and candle holders made by Nigel Young of N & K Creativity - beautifully unique. From our online stock of Yew, Beech and Elm.


Quite the entranceway! An outstanding driveway project completed by The Edinburgh Paving & Landscaping Company using naturally durable Larch beams cut to order through our Sawmill.

Naturally durable Larch beams cut to order through our Sawmill
Naturally durable Larch beams cut to order through our Sawmill


Lovely chunky Elm and Scottish Oak put to great use as live edge shelving and coffee tables shared by our onsite customer Nicola McDonald.


A mix of Oak and Elm from our Timber-shop for these wonderfully carved matching Book stands, finished with wood stain and brass inserts by one of our newer to the craft (and shop) customer, Iain Maclellan.


Another amazing resin River table from our Burry Elm by regular customer Mark grant - fantastic finish for this vibrant Elm grain pattern and colour contrast.


Resin sea shore insert in a Sycamore off-cut for a unique coffee table plus Spalted Beech offcuts (glued together) turned and finished with clear lacquer for this distinctive patterned vase by our Timber-shop customer Brian Booth.


Absolutely delightful work by regular in our Timber-shop, Alun Rees, for his grandchildren - lovely pieces!


Wonderful work with our Scottish Woods by our onsite Builder/Carpenter Bernd for upcoming projects. Wild Yew shelving unit, characterful Elm blocks, and an Elm axe showing the lovely figure plus a quirky Spalted Beech vinyl earring holder.


Fantastic work yet again, thanks so much to all for sharing or tagging us in your work, always great to see what becomes of the wood once it's left the yard! If you would like us to share your work directly please send to

Timber for projects available onsite from our Timber-shop, rough sawn stores plus mixed stock and Larch sheds onsite, open to all 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday. Select stock available to buy online Air dried and fresh sawn timber available cut to order through our Sawmill. Visit our website for more information

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