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What's In Stock

Listed below is the range of timber available and some guide prices for kiln dried stock. Scottish Wood provides

  • Scottish Oak, Ash, Beech, Yew, Elm, Sycamore
  • Naturally durable Scottish Larch
  • Kiln dried, air-dried and green timber
  • Wide boards available up to 22" (55cm) wide
  • Squared or natural edges
  • Machining and finishing service
  • Specialised requests sourced and cut to order
  • Timber complies with BS for moisture content
  • Flooring, beams and timber cladding

Prices for kiln dried hardwoods vary from £35-£65 per cubic foot (£1200-£2275/m3) depending on species and grading. Specialist timber, burrs and unusual cuts may cost more

For more information about the different timbers and their properties visit the All About Hardwoods section.

Below are guide prices - however prices change depending on timber costs. Specialist pieces of wood (eg extra long beams or awkward cuts) may be more, whereas off cuts in our store will be cheaper.

These guide prices were correct at April 2019.



£ Cubic foot

£ Cubic meter



£35 - £50

£1200- £1750



£35 - £50

£1200- £1750


Flamed or spalted





£35 - £50

£1200- £1750


(see elm)





£50 - £70

£1750 - £2500






 Kiln dried  

£18 - £20

£630 - £700

  Fresh Sawn £14 - £16 £490- £560



£35 - £50

£1200- £1750



£35 - £50

£1200- £1750



£50 - £70

£1750- £2500


fresh sawn

£20 - £35

£700 - £1235





A rough guide to calculating timber volumes and costs.

volume of timber is length x breadth x thickness
cubic feet - if measurements are in inches then divide by 1728
cubic meters - make sure measurements are in meters.

If you are wanting to have a planed finish on your timber you will need to start with a thicker piece. So use the thicker size in your calculations

If you are using kiln dried timber then the chances are you will not find a board the exact size you want, so you will also have some off cuts. You can minimise this by careful selection but you will need to take this into consideration in costing your project.

Make the most of you timber

Timber has natural properties from flexibility to strength - using the right timber can make life much easier. For instance Scottish oak and larch are naturally durable, so using these timbers outside reduces cost in maintenance. For more information see our section on all about hardwoods