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Scottish Oak and Larch

Scottish Oak and Larch deserve a page all to themselves. They are naturally durable making them the ideal timber to use outside and avoid the use of harmful preservatives. This makes using Scottish oak and larch an environmentally friendly, and beautiful building material.

Plus all our timber comes from Scotland and therefore has not had to travel half way round the world to get here further reducing your environmental impact. Timber grown in Scotland all comes under government legislation controlling felling and ensuring the future of our woodlands. More information can be found on the independent Scottish Working Woods label

  • Scottish Oak and Larch Cladding
  • Scottish Larch Decking
  • Scottish Oak and Larch Posts and beams
  • Scottish Oak and Larch for Exterior landscaping
  • Scottish Oak and Larch for Children's play areas

Economical and Durable Scottish Oak and Scottish Larch

Using appropriate timber can also reduce your costs e.g. put up your deck using oak posts and do away with expensive concrete footings or allow your timber to weather to a beautiful silver grey and do away with repainting or staining.

At Scottish Wood we are happy to discuss your oak or larch needs and help you build without harming the environment.

Local Timber in Building -Web Resources

There are a host of web resources outlining the benefits and how to use Scottish Larch and Scottish Oak in your building.

Scottish Borders Planning Guide (pdf 3.3MB)

Designing Housing With Scottish Timber (pdf 1.2MB)

Timber Cladding in Scotland (pdf 2.08MB)